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Big Brother Naija (BBN) is without a doubt the biggest reality TV show on the African continent. It's a social experiment where 18 or more contestants are locked in an isolated apartment for 70-90 days to live together and compete for a prize worth over N90 Million Naira. With a brand new house, a brand new SUV, foreign trips and vacations, endorsement deals and lots more, all inclusive.

The lives of many contestants have changed for the better through this reality TV show and you can be the next to smile home with the grand prize. Yes... It is possible. Just endeavor to read till the end because I will be sharing with you some important tips, secrets and strategies of the game that will give you an edge over other contestants, right from the audition to Biggie's house.

I am Larry Daniel, an award-winning author, blogger and social media consultant. I've been an ardent follower of the big brother show since 2003 when it began as Big Brother Africa till it metamorphosed to the present Big Brother Naija in 2006. 


I've also been a guest reviewer of the show on entertainment blogsites, online tv and YouTube channels. 

In my almost 20 years of following the game show, I observed that a lot of contestants go into the Big Brother's House with no strategy and expect to win by chance.


Though luck can smile on you, but having some good strategies increase your chances of winning. Briefly, I shall reveal to you the various strategies and tricks you can employ to drastically increase your chances of winning the game show.


Game Tips & Secrets

Over the years, I've noticed a similar trend in contestants' behavioral patterns that either make or mar their chances of winning the game show. I took time to study these patterns in relation to the viewers’ reactions. Surprisingly, in all of my case studies, the outcomes were consistent.

While there is some luck involved in the game, to really go far in Big Brother Naija, you must devise a strategy that puts you in the good book of both the housemates and the viewers.


This is important because appealing to only the viewers may not save you all the time. There are times when the decision of fellow housemates determines who stays or leaves. I've seen that twist in the game numerous times.
Therefore, it is not out of place to deduce that, there are three major factors every housemate must observe to go far in the game; You must be yourself, interact well with your fellow housemates, and avoid boring the viewers.

Now, here are some tips and secrets that will give you a high winning advantage if you are lucky to be in the Big brother House:



Once you get into the Big Brother House, hit the ground running. Get involved in activities and try to stay visible because at the early stages you have a full house and the tussle for visibility is high. So, whatever you're good at, show it off right away to catch the camera's attention.

Don’t wait till the second or third week because eviction commences in the second week and your activities in the first week determine whether or not you will be among the first to be evicted.



If you notice that a particular housemate is never evicted whenever he or she is put up for eviction, that housemate most likely has a large fan base outside that keeps saving him from eviction. Form an alliance and become close friends with such housemates and as much as you can, avoid nominating such persons for eviction. Or else you become an enemy to their fans. But if you're a close friend, there are chances that his fans will throw their weight behind you whenever you are up for eviction.


Disclose you true marital status to fellow housemates. If you are married, don't let that stop you from getting along with the other housemates. Never pretend to be single when you are married; it will backfire. Viewers who are familiar with you, particularly friends of your spouse, will blow your cover and expose you on social media. Your reputation will nosedive instantly and you will lose viewers' support.


Thin Tall Tony made this blunder in BBN Season 2. He was initially admired by many for his creativity and leadership qualities. But he lied that he was single and even became romantically involved with fellow housemate, Bisola. Then pictures of him with his wife and kids flooded the internet. His fans, especially the females, were disappointed. He was evicted from the show shortly.


Here's another piece of advice for married housemates. Have fun, laugh, and play, but know your limits. When it comes to engaging in any act that is unexpected of a married person, quickly call it off. Don’t get carried away to the extent of having romantic escapades in the house. If you play “Truth or Dare”, decline any daring task that’s not morally appropriate for a married person to engage in. This is so because ours is a highly hypocritical and religious society. I don't know about other terrains, but in Nigeria, once you overlap your boundaries as a married person, the viewers will resent you for embarrassing your spouse.


In the 2021 edition of BBN, Tega, a female housemate, started the game perfectly well by keeping to rule 4 above. She informed the other housemates that she was happily married with children and then played the game with that consciousness, winning the admiration of many viewers. But after a few weeks in the game, she lost guard and got romantically involved with fellow housemate, Boma. The outrage from the viewers was loud and mad. Both Boma and Tega got kicked out of the show immediately they were up for eviction.

In this free report, I've only revealed 4 out of 18 vital hints. However, these tips and secrets alone are not enough to make you go far in the game. To be successful in the game you need to have a well-thought-out strategy.

Don't go into the Big Brother's House without a strategy and expect to win by chance. I’ve listened to interview sessions with past winners and they all seem to be saying the same thing. They had a well-thought-out strategy before entering the house, or they devised one while in the house.


In my almost 20 years of following the show, I’ve been able to clearly define and create some of the laid out strategies employed by past winners and top housemates from both the local and international versions of the show. So you no longer have to crack your heads on which strategy to use. Simply go through the ones I will be revealing and pick anyone that suits your personality. The better if you decide to combine two or more strategies. They are all proven to be very effective and can propel you to top 5 in the game if you know how and when to apply them.

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